Upcoming Exhibition

「Kozo NISHINO solo exhibition」

7. Sep.-12. Oct ,2019

 Kozo Nishino (1951-) is a sculptor who creates free dynamic sculptural works with complicated structures by applying mainly titanium. Nishino engaged in many field sculptures and installation works in public spaces. Nishino’s sculptures change their form based on the wind and people’s action, in the same way that his works play with the landscape where they are placed. Nishino’s works, which substantially bring out the characteristics of the site, present a unique allure and are suited in places where people connect with each other as well as the site. In September 2013, “Sky Memory” was installed at the entrance hall of the new 4 World Trade Center in New York. (architect: Maki Fumihiko) (reference image a)

 He will be exhibiting his new work in Kobe for the first time.