Gallery Yamaki Fine Art participates in
Frieze New York 2017 with

Booth No: Spotlight | No.D29
At Randall's Island Park 
May 4-7, 2017

Poem of Night I (1965);

Transfiguration II (1965)

Box Postpak 17-2 (2017) 
Newspaper P-17-2 (2017) 

Gallery Yamaki Fine Art is honored to announce our exhibition at Frieze New York 2017 in the ‘Spotlight’ category, presenting Kimiyo MISHIMA (1932-), a prominent Japanese female artist of the postwar era.

Since building her career in parallel with the Gutai Art Association from the late 1950s, Mishima has remained at the forefront of Japanese contemporary art. She has worked against the backdrop of postwar Japan`s rapid economic growth and an era of mass media that evoked in her a “fear and anxiety of drowning in information”. Currently 85 years old, Mishima continues to address these issues through her art, and continues to live up to her legacy as one of the most important and influential female artists of the postwar era of Japan. This show will encompass the full scope of Mishima’s work, from her early paintings of the 1960s to her latest ceramic works.

From the late 1950s to 60s, at a time when movements such as Art Informel, Abstract Expressionism and Pop Art exerted a
significant influence on Japanese artists, Mishima established her own language of painting, utilizing techniques of collage and repetitive imagery. Living in the Kansai area, where the Gutai movement flourished, she was deeply related with its members, however chose the Dokuritsu Art Association as her platform. She received numerous awards in their competitions, some in which she competed with the prominent Jiro Takamatsu. At the fair, we will present a fine selection of oil paintings dating from 1965, composed of printed matters such as newspapers, magazines, and advertising flyers, all of which are being exhibited for the first time outside of Japan. Of particular importance are Poem of NightT and Poem of NightU, a set of two paintings that received an honorable mention at the 9th Shell Museum Exhibition.

Mishima’s early experiments led her to deal with information in the medium of ceramics in the 1970s, transferring printed matters with a silkscreen printing process. She developed threedimensional works and installations, which resulted in incredibly realistic replicas of discarded bottles, cans, crumpled newspapers, and comics - Capturing the state in which information becomes outdated and turned into rubbish immediately. One of her representative sculptures, Another Rebirth, a magnified rubbish bin, has been including in the permanent exhibition at Naoshima, Japan. Tracing back Mishima’s groundbreaking developments through the rarely-seen 1960s award winning paintings to recent three-dimensional works, this presentation will shed light on the artist’s consistent concepts and will simultaneously reveal the circumstances that surrounded postwar
Japan. Furthermore, bringing Mishima’s works to New York will be an excellent opportunity to reexamine its relationships with Pop Art. Living in modern society constantly surrounded by information and media, Mishima’s works continue to provide us with a multitude of suggestions, promising even greater acclaim in the future.


 Frieze New York 2017


 Randall's Island Park 
 Booth No: Spotlight | No.D29


 Invitation-only Preview
 Thursday, May 4
 Public Days
 Friday, May 5: 11am-6pm (Friday Late tickets: 6-8pm)
 Saturday, May 6: 11am-7pm
 Sunday, May 7: 11am-6pm


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