Asuka NAKAYAMA Exhibition

Sat. January 9 - Sat. February 13, 2016

《 Living with nature》 2009 oil on canvas 176 × 232 cm
   Gallery Yamaki Fine Art is pleased to announce a solo exhibition of Asuka NAKAYAMA from Sat. January 9 to Sat. February 13, 2016. This is her first solo show at Gallery Yamaki Fine Art and will exhibit her recent painting works.

NAKAYAMA paints, on huge canvases, fantastical images where room interior of neatly arranged furniture and vegetated garden sceneries are integrated. Standing face-to-face with these works, viewers cannot help but imagine oneself inside the real / surreal landscape. Wanting to express ‘the relationship between nature and human itself as a mixture of coexistence and domination’, her eyes are drawn upon ‘gardens’, a space where human’s intentions and actions meet with nature, although mutually penetrating one another yet live in coexistence. NAKAYAMA’s works which unify interior rooms and gardens, shed light on the human passing between home-garden-nature symbolically, by elaborate human absence.

Asuka NAKAYAMA, was born in 1986, Hyogo, Japan. Since graduating Kyoto City University of Arts, Graduate School of Arts, Master's Course in Painting, she lives and works in Hyogo. Last year in 2015, she was invited to present a solo show in a museum for the first time in Okanoyama Museum of Art Nishiwaki, Hyogo and is an upcoming artist whose development is further looked forward to. Please enjoy Asuka NAKAYAMA's works on this opportunity.

【Artist Biography】
1986 Born in Nishinomiya, Hyogo.
2010 Graduates from Kyoto City University of Arts, Faculty of Fine Arts, Oil Painting Degree

Graduates from Kyoto City University of Arts, Graduate School of Arts, Master's Course in Painting
【Solo Exhibition】
2015 ‘Asuka NAKAYAMA ?Niwasaki Kaiga 360°', Okanoyama Museum of Art Nishiwaki, Hyogo
2012 ‘-florid table-‘, Gallery 16, Kyoto
‘Solo Show', Nogaku Shiryoukan 2F, Art Space Dentosha, Hyogo
2011 ‘-empirical garden-‘, INAX Gallery 2, Tokyo
【Group Exhibition】
2012 ‘Sakuhinchu! 2012', Gallery 16, Kyoto
‘Tanba Sasayama Machinami Art Festival 2012', Kawaramnachi, Tsumairi Shoukagun, Hyogo
2011 ‘2010 Mitsubishi Shoji Art Gate Program Scholarship Exhibition , Omotesando GYRE, Tokyo
2010 ‘Kyoto City University of Arts Exhibition' , Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art. Awarded Mayor Prize
‘Art Award Tokyo Marunouchi 2010', Gyoko Chika Gallery, Tokyo
2009 ‘Art1Camp 2009', Gallery Yamaguchi Kunstbau, Osaka
2008 ‘Three persons exhibition', Gallery Scarborough, Kyoto
‘via art OSAKA 2008', Breeze Tower 7F, Osaka. Awarded digmeout Prize
‘via art EFD', Shinwa Art Museum , Tokyo
2007 ‘Kusatsu Exhibition', Lty Kusatsu, Shiga



Sat. January 9 - Sat. February 13, 2016 Closed on Sundays and Mondays
11:00−13:00 / 14:00−19:00 [-17.00 on the last day]
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