Kozo SHIBATAKA Works 1975-1982

Kozo SHIBATAKA Works 1975-1982《work82-1》1982 pastel, eraser,paper

Gallery Yamaki Fine Art is pleased to present a solo show of Kozo SHIBATAKA from Saturday, May 9 to Friday, June 8, 2018. Shibataka was born in Osaka in 1948. Graduated from Musashino Junior College of Art in 1968 and has developed his style of expression mainly with copperplate engraving based in Kansai since 1978. Once selected for “Art Now ’82, at Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Modern Art”, Shibataka acquired many platforms to exhibit and has participated in various international print exhibitions. His unique engraving expression is highly recognized in and outside Japan. His recent prominent works include book art and installation, his future development is also draws attention. The exhibition features works from 1975-82, the early stage of Shibataka’s career. There are also his recent works to exhibit the artist’s present, so that we can rediscover the artist’s locus of development for more than 40 years. Lines are Shibataka’s most appealing element. His lines are sometimes called “innocent lines” or “exquisite lines” because they are all but necessity and have characteristic tension and endless rhythm. The works of 70s, when the expression of his line was established, give out the artist’s heat with the work and show the fresh graving trace when one notices the sharp somewhat automatic lines by pencils or the depth expressed with layers of straight lines in the copperplate graving. One can also enjoy the high skill and the rich sense of beauty in the transfiguration into the next phase of 80s, when Shibataka took up light pastel colors and the action of erasing out in order to brew the air, uncertain and certain at one time, onto the paper material. This is the third solo show of Shibataka after three years interval. We hope you enjoy the process of this artist’s development, from the lines to colorful surface. ※ Opening reception with the artist: Sat. May 19, 2018, 1700-1900.

【Selected solo Exhibitions】
1972Shirota Gallery ,Tokyo
1975Muramatsu Gallery,Tokyo
1978Heian Gallery ,Kyoto
1979Shinanobasi Gallery Apron,Osaka
1981galerie16, Kyoto
1990gallery coco, Kyoto
1994ART BOX, Osaka
1994ESPACE446, Osaka
1996Bell Bookstore 2F Gallery
2001GALLERY mai, Tokyo
2005Gallery Den , Osaka
2005Gallery R・P , Osaka
2006chef d'oeuvre, Osaka
2008Shinanobasi Gallery 5,Osaka
2009u:ni:pon2kau, Osaka
20102kw 58,Osaka
20112kw 58,Osaka
2012Amano Gallery,Osaka
2012Ashiya Gallery,Hyogo
2013GALLERY Ami-Kanoko,Osaka
2013Amano Gallery,Osaka
2015Gallery Yamaki Fine Art,Kobe,Hyogo
2018Ashiya Gallery Kyoto,Kyoto

【Selected Group Exhibitions】
1978Intelligence and order: Eight people 's molding Shinanobashi Galleray ,Osaka
1980Group Exhibition Shinanobashi Galleray ,Osaka
1982Art Now ’82, Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art
198717th Lubburiana International Print Biennale ",Yugoslavia
198812th Kurafu International Print Biennale ,Poland
1991Krakow International Print Painting Triennale '91, Poland
1992OSAKA ’92,Contemporary art center for the prefecture of Osaka
1992Perspectives from Japan: Nine Printmakers, Extension Gallery,Toronto,Canada
199710 From Osaka Art,54 Gallery,New York
1997Group Exhibition, ESPACE446,Osaka
1998HANGA-New Direction in Japanese Printing,Graphic Studio Gallery,Dublin, Ireland
2002JAPANESE CONTEMPORARY ART Exhibition,Türk Japon Vakfı Kültür Merkezi,Ankara,Turkey
2004gallerism2004,Contemporary art center for the prefecture of Osaka
2005Kyung-In Museum of Fine Art,Seoul,South Korea
2008International Book Art Exhibition in cheong-Ju, Korean craft Museum,cheongju,South Korea
2010Book Art 2008 Japan-Korea, Seoul,Tokyo,Osaka
2010Ashiya Gallery ,Hyogo
2013Yosimi Shibataka:Crafts Kozo Shibataka:Prints ,Osaka
2014Book Art 20013-14 Japan-Korea, Nakanoshima Design Museum
【Artist Information】

SessionSat. May 19, 2018 - Fri. Jun 8, 2018 Closed on Sundays and Mondays
Hours11:00-13:00 / 14:00-19:00
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