Asuka Nakayama “New Works”

Asuka Nakayama “New Works”《clara’s bed》2017 130.3×162.0cm oil on canvas

Japan has become a wealthy country following the post-war recovery to high economic growth, which enabled  especially the women to live diverse ways of living and have new values which were completely incomparable with the past. It is said that gender stereotypes have become less prominent and today is even celebrated as an age for women’s empowerment, yet behind the scenes, there has been a long history with highlights and shadows.

Gallery Yamaki Fine Art has been introducing many solo exhibitions of women artists. Through engaging with these artists, we have come to realize that they did not always receive the right evaluation, and noticed furthermore of their difficulties of having to face institutional, social and notional barriers. On the other hand, keeping distance with such oppression, these women never gave up in presenting their works and challenged new mediums with a persistent attitude to pursue new and unique expressions.

By revisiting such backgrounds and expressions, we trace back the path of how women today have come to express their languages. And by doing so, we will question on what basis the artists had been evaluated, and how they have changed. Taking into consideration, the situations of art, women and the social backgrounds that surrounded the two, this exhibition is the fourth one featuring Asuka NAKAYAMA to search for a deeper understanding.

NAKAYAMA paints on huge canvases. We cannot help noticing the uncanny scenery in which neatly arranged furniture and vegetated garden are integrated. Suggested in there is the unique relationship of today between human beings and the nature. The latest work done for this exhibition is her expression of overprotectiveness of today replaced by nature. Big change in her life (she‘s had a baby) caused changes in her artwork: she started to draw more about events and impressions of daily life or personal experiences and feelings.   Photographs and drawings of her hometown sceneries, or the magazine photogravure are main subject materials for her paintings. They are painted and collaged flat on canvas and a sort of contradictive space of the real and of the paintings is created.

She depicts a closed space in which the motifs of children or ones of protectiveness are drawn with garden-like scenery. Ever since she‘s been given a child, she’s come to be very cautious against external factors and has had much negative fancy and fear of losing her child. Perhaps she has been too protective against external stimuli and such attitude might be poisonous to a child. This overprotectiveness is also applied to plants caring. A greenhouse is a desirable place for plants to grow but also apt to auto intoxication. Nakayama, who was brought up in the countryside and has been thinking a lot about the nature and its relationship to humans, has drawn a set of paintings full of satire. In them, her critical point of view can be felt strongly.

We hope you will enjoy her new work on this opportunity.

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2021’Kyoto Art for Tomorrow 2021’, Kyoto Shinbun Award
2010Kyoto City University of Arts Exhibition: Kyoto Mayor's prize
2008via art OSAKA 2008: Digmeout prize
【Artist Information】
SessionSat. Jul 15, 2017 - Fri. Aug 11, 2017 Closed on Sundays and Mondays
Hours11:00-13:00 / 14:00-19:00
PlaceGallery Yamaki Fine Art
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