GYFA Show part Ⅰ ”Form of light”

GYFA Show part Ⅰ ”Form of light”Left: Yukio FUJIMOTO《top122018》2018 203×254mm, Photogram, Right: Joerg LEHMANN《nocturne1》2007 280×420mm

Gallery Yamaki Fine Art is delighted to hold a group exhibition “GYFA Show -Form of Light-.” In this exhibition, we will focus on three artists who grasp the amorphous state of light with each own technique of photography.
Yukio FUJIMOTO, a multi-medium artist, captures the trajectory of the movement of a spinning top with photogram, a photographic image captured without cameras. By converting a sequence of the movement of a top falling down affected by the dynamics of the gravity and the friction against the ground to the illusory trace of light, the artist expresses his own thought about the visual and dimension imbued to the form of light, where we can also see the influence of Marcel Duchamp’s optical experiment on the artist.
Joerg LEHMANN, an artist who is based in Paris, chooses sculptures in natural light as objects. The artist combines the nuance of calm, sensitive light which silhouettes the outline of sculptures with daring compositions for showing a variety of expressions of light. Utilizing the surface of sculptures as a kind of screen, he captures the grain texture of light felt through our eyes to emphasize the lyricism generated by the form of light even more effectively.
Tomoka UENO, an up-and-coming photographer, tries to grasp the subtlety of our feeling through capturing human’s bodies, presenting our strong energy through the problem of identity, sexuality and gender. In picking up these subjects, the artist overlaps one moment of fading light with a subtle change in our feeling, trying to conceive a slight touch of human’s life as the form of light.
By comparing the form of light each of which is realized by completely different ideas and processes, this exhibition approaches the core of each artist’s expression beyond the mere visual resemblance. We hope you can enjoy the harmony and resonance of light which is unique to this exhibition.

SessionSat. Feb 19, 2022 - Thu. Mar 31, 2022 Closed on Sundays and Mondays
Hours11:00-13:00 / 14:00-18:00 
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