Min-Ho LEE Solo Show

Min-Ho LEE Solo Show《Fil blanc n 47》 60x60cm inkjet print

Gallery Yamaki Fine Art is pleased to present an exhibition of recent works by Minho LEE.

Minho Lee (1959-) is an artist from Seoul, Korea. She started her career as a painter in Paris in 1990, then moved on to photography in the late 1990’s. Her consistent theme is “lost identity and anonymity.” In the series “Portable Landscape” in 2009 she nested a picture in another one so that different times and/or spaces can coexist in one frame. She continued this inquiry in “Strange Site” in 2012 by digitally processing fragments of photos that are unrelated with each other in order to free them from their original context. These patchworks of landscapes, which are composed of pictures she took in her everyday life, vividly illustrate not only our society in which all reality is replaced with simulacra, but also some kind of mixture of the personal, inner history and the history of art in the art world today.

In this exhibition, we will present Lee’s recent series of works dealing with “thread.” This motif is unique in the possibility of having its two ends on different times and places, like in a myth “Ariadne’s Thread.” In this myth, Theseus strays into a labyrinth, a kind of space that imposes on us “infinite repetition,” or (in-) possibility to find the exit, the artist says. The series “Fil rouge (Red Thread)” is, with a small clew wandering into a labyrinthine space, suggestive of this Greek myth while in the other series “Fil blanc (White Thread)”, her own interpretation of the story is interwoven with a mysteriously-placed huge white clew. This strange white clew suggests the state of our existence today that is independent of any time or space. In the myth, a clew led Theseus to the exit of the labyrinth, while in her works it tries to leave a trace in vain, by traveling places where we cannot identify or cannot tell if it can find any exit at all. Exposed in the middle of the modern labyrinth, however, this huge clew looks bewildered as well as somehow relaxed. Perhaps we, who are rootlessly floating “in the absolute of homogeneous space,” have started to accept, though in confusion, a new state of being that is bound-free of any relationship to the reality.

By highlighting the dual anonymity of time/space and humanity, and by symbolizing our existence in it, this series of works becomes a fruitful outcome of her consistent exploration. At the same time, the series effectively depicts a kind of “(absent) mythology” of the contemporary world.

This is LEE’s 4th solo show held at our gallery after 6 years interval. Please do not miss this opportunity. We are very happy to see you at the gallery.

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2016”Six perspectives on landscape” Muan Seungwoo Oh Museum of Art, Muan, Korea
2017“Seoul photo festival” Changdong Art plattform 61, Seoul
【Artist Information】
LEE Min-Ho

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