Susumu KOSHIMIZU(日本語) 小清水漸 《表面から表面へ - カンヴァス》 1973- 2013 年、カンヴァス・木枠、各 84 × 72 cm

Susumu KOSHIMIZU (1944- ) is one of the representative artists of Mono-ha , a significant movement appeared in late 60’s and 70’s Japan. Koshimizu made his works by minimally intervening with materials; wood, iron, stone, Japanese paper, all exist in our ordinary lives.
By presenting ordinary “things” just as they are in extraordinary circumstances, he is able to strip away preexisting concepts related to their materials and access a new world within them. Mono-ha also changed the framework of art tradition where there had always been the only one art work as objective expression. The influence to succeeding generation has been big and Koshimizu’s works have always been referred to.

【Selected solo Exhibitions】
1981Takashimaya Department Store, Tokyo to celebrate 10th Denchu Hirakushi Prize
1992Sculptor of Today, of a Culture” The Museum of Fine Arts, Gifu, Ehime Prefectual Museum of Art, Ehime
1993“Susumu Koshimizu” Tokyo Gallery, Tokyo
2005“Susumu Koshimizu,” Kuma Museum of Art, Ehime, Japan
2010Retirement commemoration exhibition ”gravity / mass / work” , Kyoto City University of Arts, Kyoto
2010“Snow departs from snow” (Tokyo Gallery+BTAP, Tokyo)
2013"Susumu Koshimizu," Gallery Yamaki Fine Art, Kobe, Japan
2013Blum&Poe, Los Angels, CA, USA
2015Kizahashi no Niwa, Gallery Yamaki Fine Art, Kobe, Japan
2016Blum&Poe, Los Angels, Tokyo, Japan
2019MONO-HA | About The Moment Of Relation Between Eye, Hand And Matter, Aki Gakkery, Taipei

【Selected Group Exhibitions】
2016Art Basel Hong Kong
2017"When Attitudes Become Form: Japanese Art of the 1970s through the Photography of Anzaï Shigeo," The National Museum of Modern Art, Osaka, Japan

1972The 2nd Suma Palace Contemporary Sculpture Exhibition / Ube Sculpture Museum Award
1980The 11th Nakahara Teijirou Award
1981The 10th Hirakushi Denchu Award
1983New Generation of Contemporary Art, Okada Foundation Award
1985The 11th Contemporary Sculpture Exhibition / The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo Award
1987The 11th Contemporary Sculpture Exhibition / Mainichi Newspapers Award
1988Showa 62, Art Encouragement, Minister of Culture Award
1989The 2nd Kyoto Art and Culture Award
1999Kyoto Award for distinguished cultural service
2004The 2nd Enku Award
2007A Purple Ribbon Medal
【Artist Information】

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