Tomoka Ueno Solo Exhibition ‘Inside’ 

Tomoka Ueno Solo Exhibition ‘Inside’ (日本語) 《廊下にて》2019 印画紙

Gallery Yamaki Fine Art is proud to present Inside, the first solo exhibition of Tomoka Ueno from Friday 4th June to Friday 2nd July, 2021.

Born in Nagasaki in 1983, Ueno is a Kyoto-based artist working in film and photography. Capturing the female nude as her predominant subject, Ueno shares an intimate period of time with her subject to photograph “the moment when the subject’s state of being changes and becomes visible via the body”. Ueno utilizes the camera as an intermediary to capture the essence of being, such as identity, sexuality, and gender.

Inside is Ueno’s first solo exhibition consisting of peculiar and uncanny scenes of nude women photographed in their own homes. The title Inside describes both the physical space of a house and the biological body as an intimate home for the subject. The duality between the two notions of ‘inside’ is both concealed and revealed within the series.

Ueno’s photography confronts the inherent contradictions borne by women, such as between society’s expectations of beauty and one’s intrinsic self-worth. The adoration toward beauty is a primal desire for human beings; however, it can also be a curse that denies us of our self-worth. Ueno states, “No matter how difficult the past was, or how unpredictable the future may be, both become an illusion if one accepts the present moment”.

Extending upon her documentary photography, this ambitious exhibition underscores Ueno as an artist and a woman. Her candid yet multifaceted photography captures the invisible complexities of womanhood hidden in a single moment of time.

We hope you will take this opportunity to visit Ueno’s first solo exhibition at our gallery.

SessionFri. Jun 4, 2021 - Fri. Jul 2, 2021 Closed on Sundays and Mondays
Hours11:00-13:00 / 14:00-19:00 [-17:00 on the last day]
PlaceGallery Yamaki Fine Art
Venue3-9-5-2F Motomachi, Chuo-ku, Kobe 650-0022
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AccessOne minute walk from Motomachi Station, West exit (JR/ Hanshin Line)