Veronika Dobers “Between Earth and Heaven”

Veronika Dobers “Between Earth and Heaven”《Between Earth and Heaven》2016 painting on acrylic glass

Modern society enabled especially the women to live diverse ways of living and have new values which were completely incomparable with the past. It is said that gender stereotypes have become less prominent and today is even celebrated as an age for women’s empowerment, yet behind the scenes, there has been a long history with highlights and shadows. Gallery Yamaki Fine Art has been introducing many solo exhibitions of women artists. Through engaging with these artists, we have come to realize that they did not always receive the right evaluation, and noticed furthermore of their difficulties of having to face institutional, social and notional barriers. On the other hand, keeping distance with such oppression, these women never gave up in presenting their works and challenged new mediums with a persistent attitude to pursue new and unique expressions.

By revisiting such backgrounds and expressions, we trace back the path of how female artists today have come to express their languages. And by doing so, we will question on what basis the artists had been evaluated, how their awareness have changed, taking the social backgrounds surrounding the situations of art and women into consideration. We hope that will lead to our deeper understanding.

The sixth exhibition features Veronika Dobers who was born in East Germany and has developed distinctive style of expression, working on drawing , printing, animation, and the glass art that is frequently seen in traditional technique of Eastern Europe. By composing symbolic motifs such as humans, flowers, plants, she creates art, under the theme of “longing for Utopia” or “conflicting emotions with nostalgia”. The world she unfolds this time is also the one in which the human idealism is expressed.
One of the glass arts to be exhibited is a title piece, Between Earth and Heaven, which is inspired by Hermann Hesse’s novel and world. Like clouds flowing between earth and heaven, we humans, who hang in the air though sometimes with keen emotions, linger similarly, try to stay longer, keeping the appearances changing. Such image makes the human’s spirit clearly stand out and stimulates the viewer’s mind. It is our great pleasure if you could visit us and see the unique shapes and spirited world of the artist.

【Selected solo Exhibitions】
2012Gallery Yamaki Fine Art, Kobe, Japan
2013Haus am Wasser, Bremen, Germany
2015Atelierhaus Friesenstrasse, Bremen, Germany
2015L Gallery, Nagoya, Japan
2017Gallery Yamaki Fine Art, Kobe, Japan
2018L Gallery, Nagoya, Japan
【Artist Information】
Veronika DOBERS

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