Change of Opening Hours  (temporary)

Change of Opening Hours  (temporary)

***Change of Opening Hours  (temporary)***


Due to the spread of infection of COVID-19, the opening hours of our gallery will be changed temporarily as following:


Wed: 14:00-18:00*

Thu-Sat: 11:00-18:00


Closed on Sun, Mon and 

Tue :Reservation only


The above opening hours can be changed depending on the change in situation.

Please check our website in advance in visiting our gallery.



***Prevention of COVID-19 Infection***


Our gallery places top priority on the health and safety of our guests and staff, and is implementing a range of measures against COVID-19 infection so that our guest can visit the gallery with safety to the most extent.


Staff are required to:

 -measure their temperature every day.

 -wear face masks at all times while at work, and while coming to and leaving the office.

 -wash fingers with alcohol, wash their hands and gargle.

-We regularly ventilate the room by opening the door and windows.


Our Request to You:

For the safety of all our guests, we kindly requests our guests to

 –wear face masks in the gallery.

 -wash fingers with alcohol.

 -cooperate in temperature measurement at the entrance.

 -notify the staff when you are not feeling well.

-We will have entrance regulation at any time when it appears to be difficult to keep social distancing inside the gallery.


We really appreciate your understanding and cooperation.