Kimiyo MISHIMA Exhibition

Gallery Yamaki Fine Art is honored to announce the upcoming solo exhibition of Kimiyo MISHIMA from 3rd – 31st October 2020. This fourth exhibition of MISHIMA’s works at Gallery Yamaki Fine Art will showcase a new sculptural piece, which has been withheld by the artist in anticipation of this exhibition.

Beginning with her collages from the 1960s using newspapers and magazines, MISHIMA began transposing printed materials onto ceramics to create sculptural works in the 1970s. These ceramic pieces confront the consequences of our greed for readily-available information and our complacency as consumerists. 

Throughout her oeuvre, MISHIMA has remained captivated by the incessant flow of mass information in contemporary life, and questions the fate of the endless amounts of waste emitted from our relentless consumerist habits. Although MISHIMA sounds alarm bells on the mass-production of both information and waste in modern society, her works are light-hearted and even humorous at times. She remains attuned to the constantly evolving nature of our lifestyles while reflecting on the crises of modern society with wit and vision.

The sculptural centerpiece of the exhibition was envisioned in 1988 and withheld in the artist’s atelier in Gifu prefecture since. Weathered over time, the sculptures have physically transformed into a truly beguiling work of what appears as ‘waste’. The physical attributes which mark the meaning and value of the sculptures have been erased over time – its containers shattered by the remains of debris – appearing to become autonomous as it multiplies in form. For the first time in thirty-odd years, this work will leave the artist’s atelier to become a part of this anticipated exhibition.

Accompanying the sculptures, the walls of the gallery are covered with panels of photos of MISHIMA’s atelier located in Juso, Osaka, where the artist has worked for close to sixty years. There are various scenes of the ordinary mixed with the extraordinary; daily necessities of the atelier have been brought into the gallery space to offer an invaluable insight into the mind of the artist. MISHIMA’s works dare to alter our perspectives of the ordinary, and is sure to be an important signpost for our consumerist society.

We hope you will take this opportunity to visit this site-specific exhibition at Gallery Yamaki Fine Art of MISHIMA’s latest works.