Keiji UEMATSU “yearning for the floating”

Keiji UEMATSU “yearning for the floating”

Keiji UEMATSU (1947-) is a sculpture who has his base in Kansai, Japan and Dusseldorf, Germany. His theme has consistently been the unseen universal force such as gravity and attraction since his first solo show in 1969, and his vigorous creativity has been highly appreciated. His works visualize the unseen forces by variously arranging materials like metals, stones, and woods so as to make the viewers imagine gravity or attraction. They go into more philosophic and symbolic representation asking universal dispensation or human being these days.

“I have been simply interested in the root, the origin, and the universal forces. They are somehow similar to the interest in the existence of human that is surrounded by nature, earth, and universe. I always work in order to create the relationship between people or to discover new meaning or at least something, by visualizing the structure, existence and relationship of the world from the unseen universal law.Deep in our sense, there is an unconscious sense of gravity, and we cannot survive without the gravity and the attraction. However, we have long been wishing to be freed from the gravity and attracted by those which are floating.” says the artist and here in this show, our practical sense will be subverted by the trial that creates the discovery of the shape of the floated and the gravity.

【Selected solo Exhibitions】
1977"Plastik und Foto" Stadtisches Museum Wiesbaden Ausschnitte 1, Stadtische Kunsthalle Dusseldorf
1980Installation "Axis-Latitude-Longitude" P.S.1, New York
1981"Installation and Photo" Osaka Prefectural Contemporary Art Center
1984"Structures-Cloth/branch" Centrum Beeldende Kunst Rotterdam
1988Participated in XLIII Esposizione Internazionale d'Arte la Biennale di Venezia, Giardini di Castello, Venezia
1994Participated in 3rd Kitakyushu Biennale, Kitakyushu Municipal Museum of Art
1997"Behind the Perception" Otani Memorial Art Museum, Nishinomiya City
2003"Eyes under physical consideration, photographs, video and films" Kitakyushu Municipal Museum of Art, Fukuoka
2003"Inclination of the Earth's Axis" Aomori Contemporary Art Center, Aomori
2005"Axis – Latitude – Longitude" Kunstlerverein Marlkasen, Dusseldorf
2006"The Garden of Time" Otani Memorial Art Museum , Nishinomiya City

【Selected Group Exhibitions】
2000Participated in Echigotsumari Art Triennial 2000, Echigotsumari, Niigata
2009Participated in Kobe Biennale 2009
【Artist Information】

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