Seiichi SHIBATA ‘New Works’

Seiichi SHIBATA ‘New Works’<The four aspects>( part ), 250 × 250cm, acrylic color, paper, 2010 Photograph: Kobe Art Village Center / Photographer: Tsunetada OMOTE

Seiichi SHIBATA is an artist who has received more attention recently, with his works of unique techniques; a series of , aiming an effect of complex and exquisite images produced by putting a cut paper on another, a group of relief works made with very thin wooden board, and 3D works that he thoroughly copies beyond the original. Although SHIBATA tries out various media, he is consistent in pursuing originality that belongs to materials.
In the series of , for example, he creates abundant variations of images from the same process of coloring, folding, cutting and piling up papers. This reminds us the fact that though having the same parts, no human faces are the same.
The relief works of convenience store and shrines can be put up in right angle so as to fit in the corner of a room. This points out the common character that convenience stores, shrines and room corners have, which is to give us the feeling of safety or the place that people gather. 3D works reflect his attitude which tries hard to discover the way to make materials into living creatures. These various approaches are visualized and show how the individuals exist in our world.
Beside these works, this show exhibits 2D works SHIBATA has tried for the first time. These works are to be displayed as installation. We look forward to seeing you on the venue.

【Selected solo Exhibitions】
2019New Wrorks, Gallery Yamaki Fine Art, Kobe
2015“New Works”, Gallery Yamaki Fine Art, Kobe
2012“Screw down to open the twisted world”, Gallery Hosokawa, Osaka
2011“Seiichi SHIBATA”, Gallery Yamaki Fine Art, Kobe

【Selected Group Exhibitions】
2011“Recommended artists by galleries”, Art hall Kobe(Booth/ Gallery Yamaki Fine Art)
“In search for the book”, Gallery Hosokawa, Osaka
20101 floor 2010 “Simplicity/Technique”, Kobe Art Village Centre
2009“visible and invisible”, MATSUO MEGUMI+VOICE GALLERY pfs/w, Kyoto
【Artist Information】
Seiichi Shibata

SessionFri. Nov 18, 2011 - Sat. Dec 24, 2011 Closed on Sundays and Mondays
Hours11:00-13:00 / 14:00-19:00 [-17:00 on the last day]
PlaceGallery Yamaki Fine Art
Venue3-9-5-2F Motomachi, Chuo-ku, Kobe 650-0022
ContactTEL: 078-391-1666  FAX : 078-391-1667  MAIL:
AccessOne minute walk from Motomachi Station, West exit (JR/ Hanshin Line)