GYFA Show II Post-war female artists-1970∼2017-

GYFA Show II Post-war female artists-1970∼2017-(日本語) 三島喜美代《Untitled》1971

Gallery Yamaki Fine Art is pleased to announce to have GYFA Show II “Post-war Female Artists” as the second installment of the GYFA Show, a series of collection exhibitions of Gallery Yamaki Fine Art, from 16th April to 14th May, 2022. This exhibition introduces four women artists who started their careers as artists in the period of postwar reconstruction and economic growth, the time fostered a diversity of lifestyles and values that are unparalleled in the past, especially for women. The four artists are Kimiyo Mishima, Etsuko Nakatsuji and Kazuyo Kinoshita from Japan, and Kate Van Houten, who is based in Europe. They have focused more on expressing personal ideas rather than tending toward the home and the inner self like contemporary artists. Mishima pays attention to the end of the infinitely increasing amount of waste produced in the course of our daily lives, and to the vast amount of “information” that is constantly being updated, the human beings who live at the mercy of it. Nakatsuji has taken the restrictive position of being a woman at the time and turns it into humor and richness. Kinoshita was an artist who had a strong will to move toward the oneness of what exists and what observes it, where the gap between the subject and the object disappears. Kate van Houten cherishes the human spirit and the natural world, the static and dynamic elements of both. In her works, the two sides are connected to create a single universe. By juxtaposing the works of artists with very different backgrounds, the exhibition attempts to show visual similarities that transcend regional and cultural spheres, while highlighting the context and uniqueness behind each work.

【Artist Information】
Kate Van Houten

SessionSat. Apr 16, 2022 - Sat. May 14, 2022 Closed on Sundays and Mondays
Hours11:00-13:00 / 14:00-19:00 [-17:00 on the last day]
PlaceGallery Yamaki Fine Art
Venue3-9-5-2F Motomachi, Chuo-ku, Kobe 650-0022
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