Yuki HAYASHI ” A Quiet Time of the Holiday”

Yuki HAYASHI ” A Quiet Time of the Holiday”

Sat. Oct 19, 2019 - Fri. Nov 29, 2019



Gallery Yamaki Fine Art is pleased to announce to hold a solo show of Yuki Hayashi, “A Quiet Time of the Holiday. ” Hayashi is a video artist based in Kansai and has participated in quite a few exhibitions and film festivals in and outside Japan.

 Hayashi was born in Kyoto in 1976 and started making films in 1997. He uses photos as materials for his video making. He takes thousands of photos to load on the computer, cut them out, and lay them one after another. This practice may remind us of the ways of modern communication or memorization through digital media or the internet. His works reflect the artist’s huge scale of world-view about the fragmentation of memories and sharing and distribution of digital video, and because they seem to have no start or end, they look as if shown in the air. Piles of photos and images behind films appeal to our daily visual experience making us feel they might be linked to ourselves somewhere, or somewhere deep inside us.

 The artist had been pursuing how to record or how to memorize by using the digital technology to full extent. Recently, he started to try re-questioning the vulnerability of video medium, or the forming condition or perception of it. His solo show, image data, at our gallery in 2016 showed his sharpened notion towards non-materiality or the ways of acceptance or consumption in addition to the forming condition of the video as digital data.
  In 2018, he made a research of the film archives in Germany and this experience expanded his view to the relationship between the saving format of the film and time axis. As he took a projector or a player into his works and resolved the image as digital data to pixel figures, his expression developed further, trying various styles for the forming conditions of the video media. 

  “A Quiet Time of the Holiday” is his 2007 work triggered by the discovery of an imaginary map he drew in his childhood. It is created by using the old model of video camera, digital camera, and PC, all of which are scarcely used now. The artist analyzes the film and re-records all the material using the recent devices to re-create the original into high-res image and yet apparently as close as the original.

  The digital data are inseparable from the saving, restoration, reproduction, video device and video format as the time changes. How are those digital data saved, restored, reproduced and succeeded to the future? “It is a trial of the crossing and connection of the past and the present, reflecting various things,” says Hayashi. Adding to the saving, restoration, reproduction of the image, various level of differences such as using the different devices and recording with the different format, up-scaling, reveal the gaps and the similarities with the original. And the new “A Quiet Time of the Holiday” will be emerged.

  Do not miss this opportunity to witness the promising artist, Yuki Hayashi’s further development.


Opening reception is to be held on 19th October, 17:00-19:00.

Artist Talk, Yuki HAYASHI x Yuji Oshita (Curator, Osaka Nakanoshima Museum) on 26th October, 14:30-