Kozo NISHINO 「Floating: in the Air」

Kozo NISHINO 「Floating: in the Air」

Sat. Sep 7, 2019 - Sat. Oct 12, 2019

Gallery Yamaki Fine Art is pleased to announce to hold a solo show of Kozo Nishino, “Floating: in the air”.

Kozo Nishino (1951-) is a sculptor who creates light and dynamic structure of complex design using  titanium. The works are placed outdoors and change their form according to the winds or people’s movements, giving deep impression on the viewers with their appearances changeable to the landscapes. 

Nishino ‘s form is inspired by the minute observation of the nature. In the process of realizing it, computing for the structure and adjust the material and dialogue with the material to make bend for the form are inevitable. The creating itself forthright artist is as if he stole the invisible in his memories to free it. The natural movements like the clouds or mists are reflected on these works so that we feel the bonds with the existence of the universe.

The exhibition “Floating: in the air” is a challenge for this artist whose major stage is open air, because the exhibits are to be placed in a closed space like a gallery or a museum. It will take on a new expression.

He wishes to express the world that one can sense the vibration of the universe and the continuation from the sky to the space. Controlling the gravity, the artist hopes for the viewers to feel by the five senses. The exhibition should be another start of his new pursuit.

This will be his first solo show in Kobe. We hope you will experience the adventure to the free air like Nishino expresses his childhood longing to the sky, the awe to the universe beyond and the wish to dive into that vast air. 


★ Opening Reception will be held on 7th September, 17-19:00 with the artist.